First we had 'affordable art', now there's a 'garage sale' at the Museum of Modern Art


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A garage sale as performance art?

That's what one artist will be staging at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Visitors will be able to rummage through and buy such classic garage sale items as used clothing, books, mementos and other bric-a-brac.

The stuff will be donated by the artist, Martha Rosler, her family, friends, the general public and museum staff.

Rosler will run the Meta-Monumental Garage Sale daily from the 17 to 30 November installation. It will fill a second-floor atrium of the museum.

The New York multimedia performance artist is known for focussing on the commonplace. She has been presenting garage sales for decades.

The MoMA installation is her latest iteration of the garage sale as an art form of contemporary society.