Follow Your Art: Street artists stand up for Anti-Slavery International


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They normally scuttle about under the cover of darkness, hoping that the line between “art” and “vandalism” will not be blurred by the authorities. But tomorrow some of the world’s most exciting street artists will stand up in public, openly, to promote an equally underground movement: Anti-Slavery International.

Tomorrow night trendy East London venue Village Underground will be transformed by the work of 23 international street artists, including Sweet Toof, Rowdy, RYCA, Mr Penfold, Pure Evil, Olek and Toasters. You might have noticed the 16 storey installation by Ben Murphy (above) that has already appeared on the side of the American Carwash on Great Eastern Street ready for the event.

Anti-Slavery International, founded in 1839, is the world's oldest international human rights organisation. It works to eradicate slavery both in this country and around the world.

“Street art has the ability to engage, challenge and communicate in a direct and dynamic way, and I hope that a broader understanding and awareness will be gained through this exhibition, lending  further support to the work and cause of ASI,” said artist Jimmy C, who recently hit headlines with his mural of Usain Bolt.

Follow Your Art is at Village Underground in London 3 October,; for more information about Anti-Slavery International visit