Interactive portfolios the feature attraction at five art websites

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Five art websites that feature interactive online portfolios present works with a variety of 3D effects or original 'guided tours.'

1. WHITEvoid
A website with a slickly designed interactive portfolio made by Berlin-based WHITEvoid. The 3D interface includes selected images and videos of interactive installations and products created by the German company.

2. Barcinski & Jeanjean
Put your 3D glasses on and get ready to view a portfolio of work by the Amsterdam-based duo Mark Barcinski and Adrien Jeanjean (or if you prefer, you can just play the 3D ping pong game featured on their loading page). Visit their lab to view and play with some of the interactive projects they have created.

3. Diego D'Sousa
Fly through this American-based graphic and web designer's portfolio with Sesame Street's Ernie. The website-portfolio comes complete with a section for doodles and background music by the likes of Thome York and Franz Ferdinand.

4 Wonderwall
The web-portfolio designed by this Japanese interior design firm utilizes a unique 3D sculpturing technique to interact with visitors. The website takes visitors on an interactive visit of the retail spaces, restaurants, bars and office spaces designed by Wonderwall.

5. Mika Makine
A simple, highly-functional website portfolio featuring the work of Finnish designer and photographer Mika Makine. Slide from artworks created by Makine in the categories of illustration, web design and photos.