It could be you: £2,500 tickets available for the art world's new lottery

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Feeling lucky? Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket at the South London Gallery. But be warned: you’ll need £2,500 (plus £25 p&p).

For these are not just any lottery tickets, they are A3, individually silkscreen-printed lottery tickets, made and signed by Oscar Murillo. Available to buy online or from the gallery, they form part of the Colombia-born artist’s new show at SLG, which opens on 19 September. Each ticket – inscribed with the holder’s name by a calligrapher – will be displayed at the gallery for a month before the draw closes and the buyers can take them home.

The draw opened on Monday. Have they sold many £2,500 tickets so far? “I can’t disclose the exact number but we have been very busy,” the gallery tells me.

There is “no limit” on the number of tickets for sale, and Murillo has roped in his family to help make them; on Saturday afternoons, they will be  painting and printing in situ at the gallery. As for the prizes – there will be three, but no one will know what they are until the winners are announced on 18 October. Euromillions might be a safer, and cheaper, bet.

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