It may not be a Chris Ofili, but it's yours for £200: Cow dung painting titled 'Bullshit' goes on sale


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Chris Ofili won the Turner Prize in 1998 for a portrait made (partly) with cow dung. But art collectors on a smaller budget than the Tate - which bought Ofili’s No Woman No Cry - can soon pick up a painting made with cow dung.

Devon-based Kate Marshall recently spent a residency in India learning traditional craft techniques, including using that of using cow dung in art.

The portrait, dubbed Bullshit or Soon There Will Be a Happy Ever After will go on display at the Coombe Gallery at this month’s Affordable Art Fair in Battersea for £200 unframed.

Marshall studied at Falmouth and Goldsmiths, and in her artist statement said she takes her inspiration from a range of subjects from myth, literature and porn to fairy-tales and historical characters.