Observations: Rocking on the red carpet


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Not many people would hire London's Odeon Leicester Square cinema to screen a documentary about themselves. But John Otway, the eccentric rock singer turned hopeful screen idol, is doing just that. Otway: The Movie which charts his life and disastrous music career, has already sold out, despite the fact it isn't completed. The film's director, Steve Barker, will edit the ending which shows Otway, on the red carpet, as the audience take their seats.

Otway who once chartered a jet for a flop world tour, had a brief fling with fame in 1977, with a hit single, "Cor Baby, That's Really Free", a record deal and The Who's Pete Townshend on board. His determination to succeed against the odds won him a cult following.

He says: "This film is going to change the way people look at me. Of course I'm nervous. I'm aware that if this is as good as I think it is, it will completely change my career."

'Otway: The Movie', Odeon Leicester Square, London WC2, on 7 October(www.otwaythemovie.com)