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Old woman who botched 'Ecce Homo' Spanish fresco sells artwork for hundreds on eBay


The 80-year-old Spanish artist who became famous because of her botched restoration of a Christ fresco in a small-town church is auctioning one of her works on eBay for charity.

Celia Gimenez's oil painting Las Bodegas de Borja ("Borja's Wine Cellar"), was had bids of  €620 at press time, doubling its starting price after 31 bids. The sale closes Monday.

Gimenez became a sensation in August when pictures spread on the Internet of an Ecce Homo ("Behold the Man", pictured above) mural in a chapel in the town of Borja that she disfigured while trying to restore it. Twitter users redubbed it Ecce Mono ("Behold the Monkey").

The painting has since become a tourist attraction and the image has been used on T-shirts and wine labels.

A note on eBay says the auction's proceeds will go to the Catholic charity organization Caritas.