Photographer Mark Leary captures Cuba’s antique car collection on the eve of a US return to the Caribbean island

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As the US federal government approves the first American factory to be built and operated in Cuba for over 50 years, we can’t help but be fascinated by travel photographer Mark Leary’s series of vibrant car portraits, many of which are taken in Cuba and other far afield locations. 

Perfectly encapsulating the atmospheric haze of Caribbean sunshine, Leary’s ongoing project stars the endearing zest of Cuba’s vintage automobiles.

From satisfying, textured close-ups of interior upholsteries to beautifully framed shots of the vehicles’ defining retro design features, the British photographer’s eye for detail is complemented by more context-heavy images of the period cars in suburban and rural landscapes. 

Highlights of the series include startlingly unblemished paintwork and flawless original chrome fittings.

View more of Mark's work on his website.