Picture of the day: Ruff justice

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Barking mad does not even begin to cover it. Australian artist Bennett Miller has created an art installation that features 47 sausage dogs, representing national delegates, sitting in a scale replica of the UN office in Geneva, "engaging in rigorous debate".

The piece, Dachshund UN, is part of the Next Wave Festival at Australia's Melbourne Museum. On Saturday afternoons during the festival the hounds take their alloted seats for a canine re-enactment of a meeting of the UNs' Commission on Human Rights.

Says the festival in its publicity bumpf: "Dachshund UN is both a joyful and chaotic experiment, and a meditation on the utopian aspirations of the Commission on Human Rights."

Daschund lovers are clearly fans, too. As well as commenting on the good behaviour of the animals ("How well trained they all are to sit and stay for photos!"), the pro-sausage dog blog The Long and Short of It stated: "If there's one thing we love about reporting Dachshund news, it's events like this."