Picture preview: Inside Sir John Soame's dream house


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Sense of Soane, a new free exhibition of works inspired by the creative mind of Sir John Soane, now occupies the rooms which he built as a country retreat.

Sense of Soane brings together three contemporary artists - Emily Allchurch, Anne Desmet RA and Catrin Huber - whose share admiration for the designs and collections of the celebrated British architect.

Allchurch meticulously constructs photographic images, blending together many hundreds of pictures of buildings and design features to recreate historic paintings from a 21st-century perspective.

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Desmet explores architectural fantasies, urban myths, destruction and regeneration. She has made a series of collages on glass lenses referencing the convex mirrors which are set into the walls and ceilings of the Sir John Soane’s Museum. She has also made a collection of tiny, fragmented, architectural images collaged on to found objects such as pebbles, shells and tile fragments, exploring the enduring resonance of archaeological collections such as Soane’s.

Catrin Huber explores ways of representing architectural space within painting, drawing and collage, producing work which is in some cases abstract and at other times based on specific buildings. She will bathe the Pitzhanger Manor Drawing Room in a succession of coloured lights, projecting collages on to its blank ceiling, echoing and complementing Soane’s sky ceiling painting in the Breakfast Room and his theatrical use of light.

From 14 September to 27 October 2012 at PM Gallery & Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing, www.ealing.gov.uk/pmgalleryandhouse