Reigning cats and dogs? Paw prints left by domestic pets on art history celebrated


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Comic cats and dogs claimed victory over the internet long ago. But now our furry friends have their sights set on the art world, too.

Following on from an exhibition of Lolcats which opened last month, is a satirical and sentimental study on the art of the domestic pet opening at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

The exhibition, Reigning Cats and Dogs, will open in January, featuring portraits of pets from Ancient Egypt to throughout art history and modern times.

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"From inconsequential intrusions to the starring role, cunning cats and dutiful dogs assert their artistic presence throughout the RWA galleries, acting as vehicles for an exploration of historical, functional and imaginative themes, incorporating kitsch kittens, politicized pooches and menacing mongrels," exhibition organisers said.

Participating artists include David Inshaw RWA, Stephen Jacobson RWA, Angela Lizon, Ben Hughes, Martin Leman, Anouk Mercier, Lucy Willis, Bobbie Russon, Rose Sanderson, two Russian artists Alexander Kolokoltsev and Yuri Borovitsky, and Japanese artist Emiko Aida.

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, 11 January to 15 March 2013