Science as art: Photography competition brings the two disciplines together


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Albert Einstein's claim that “The greatest scientists are artists as well,” is illustrated by some of the contenders for a photography competition at Cambridge University on Tuesday.

While some may look more like the latest artistic efforts by the likes of Damien Hirst, they are in fact the result of the latest scientific research being done at Cambridge University's school of life sciences.

It is technology, rather than any artistic medium, that has made the pictures possible - with high-powered microscopes enabling scientists to create images of cells.

Dr Geraint Wyn Story, organiser of the competition, said: “This is an opportunity for MPhil, PhD and postdoctoral researchers in the life sciences to reach out and help the public to understand the research that we do, and appreciate its value.” He added: “It also shows some of the incredible natural beauty that researchers in life sciences see every day in their work.”

A seven-strong judging panel will choose the winning picture on Tuesday. It includes Dr Dane Comerford, public engagement events manager at the University of Cambridge, who said: “The competition is a great opportunity for the researchers to present their work to the public using quirky images.”