Shine a light... on the Rolling Stones: Bill Wyman's photography exhibited


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The Stones' drummer, Charlie Watts, gazes sardonically into the camera, relaxed and unguarded. In this case, the photographer was his bandmate Bill Wyman, who played bass for the band for 30 years, before leaving in 1993. Now Wyman has delved into his archives to showcase unseen pictures from four decades in a new exhibition beginning in London this week.

Now 76, the musician got his first camera – a Box Brownie – from his uncle when he was 11, but didn't start taking pictures seriously until 1966, while on tour in Paris. Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, Wyman said Watts was easygoing when it came to being photographed, but Mick Jagger was less so: "If you were shooting Mick, he'd get annoyed – unless it was for a fashion magazine or something."

Many of the photos have been "reworked" by artist friends of Wyman's. But it's not only band members who feature. "I take pictures of anything. I've got a selection of taxi-driver photos which are fantastic."

'Bill Wyman: Reworked' is at the Rook and Raven Gallery, London