Society of Biology Photography Award 2014 shortlist features a sea turtle eating a jellyfish, a spider at sunset and a chick embryo

The winners will be announced on 14 October during Biology Week 2014

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From rural life in India to a chick growing inside its embryo and a sea turtle eating a purple jellyfish, the Society of Biology has released their stunning photography competition shortlist.

This year's theme of Home, Habitat and Shelter drew almost 800 entries from amateur photographers competing to win the top prizes of £1,000 for over-18s and £500 for younger participants.

The organisers encouraged photographers to "think creatively about the unique ways animals, plants and organisms exploit their environment in order to survive".

Photographic insights into biodiversity, genetic diversity and conversation issues were encouraged, as were pieces using light microscope techniques to explore the theme from another angle.


"Your photograph could give insight to the laborious task a beaver undertakes to build its dam, or the resourceful dormancy of the fat-tailed lemur," the competition instructions suggested.

The twelve shortlisted entries include two bisons on the colourful Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park; wasps building clay pots; a spider weaving a web at sunset; a plant growing in a decaying house; and a blackbird holding a worm in her mouth in a suburban garden.

Photographers were invited to submit up to three images into the competition, which is now closed. The winners will be announced at the Annual Award Ceremony on 14 October during Biology Week 2014.