Strangers kiss blindfolded in latest, surprisingly touching 'first kiss' experiment

'I felt like a little kid in elementary'

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You remember First Kiss, that viral video where strangers were paired off and had to simply greet and kiss in front of a camera.

It spawned a plethora of spin-offs and parodies, but the latest actually works quite nicely.

Blindfolded, the ‘couples’ have nothing to go on except each others voices, trading awkward conversations like:

“How was your day?"

“It was okay, it was interesting, a lot less interesting than this but, how about you?"

“It was okay, i travelled like an hour and a half her... so yeah... uhhh.”

They proceed to kiss like teenagers, all fumbling hands and nerves, finding their way to each others mouths and kissing gingerly at first and then in most cases quite passionately.

Also, the Daughter soundtrack is nice.

“I felt like a little kid in elementary,” one participant said after the blindfolds were removed.

“I liked that you took the lead,,” another noted of his partner. “I liked that you wanted to do it a second time.”