The art of football on a Miami moonscape

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While powerful art dealers, wealthy collectors and party-goers descend on Art Basel Miami Beach in Florida next week, other visitors to the swanky art fair are thinking more about football than art.

French conceptual art duo Kolkoz's performance, Luna Park, is a beach football tournament on 1,125 square metres of beach in Miami, just in front of the Bass Museum, which they have transformed into the lunar landing site of Apollo 11 out of sand, complete with giant craters. It will not be an easy task kicking a football over giant holes for the four teams of artists, curators, collectors, art critics and gallerists competing against each other over three days, as part of this art work. Each team will wear a football kit in either gold, silver, copper or bronze.

Since 1990, the duo – Samuel Boutruche, 40 and Benjamin Moreau, 39 – who both live and work in Paris, have created work based on "activating the powers of representation through the transactions and exchanges" that happen between "what is virtual and what is real". "In our work we like to mix different realities. It's like playing two video games at once," says Boutruche.

In this work they are also raising the issues of erosion of the beaches as football players and visitors to the site will destroy the "moon's" surface of the beach by walking over it every day.

The duo work in a range of mediums from video, photography, sculpture, performance and installation. In 2009's La Collection Americaine at The Armory Show, New York, the duo displayed a group of gold baroque frames framing frames, one of which will be displayed at Art Basel Miami Beach. The Holiday Movies made from the duo's travel videos were shot in locations including Miami, New York and Spain and recreated in 3D animation, also to blur realities.

Art Basel Miami Beach, Florida, America, 6-9 December (; 'Lunar Park' Beach Soccer Tournament, Collins Park, Miami, 6 to 8 December at 4pm