These giant heads installed in galleries will screw with how you perceive humans

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Giant heads have been installed at famous galleries including the Saatchi, The Louvre, the Tate Modern and the Gagosian, except they haven’t.

Though the idea of them being enormous, painstakingly-crafted replicas is unsettling enough, the viewers is left with a perhaps even stronger feeling of the uncanny when you realise the heads are real.

These photos are actually a case of real-head-tiny-gallery, and are taken from a series by artist Tezi Gabunia called ‘Put Your Head into Gallery’.

The miniature galleries were laser-cut from PV, plexiglass and paper, and allow exhibition visitors to make their head a piece of art installed next to Hirst, Rubens and Liechtenstein artworks.

Gabunia describes his style as ‘falsification’, with the series being designed to “trigger a dialogue with hyperrealistic issues”.

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