Unseen photographs of Andy Warhol go on show for the first time


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Previously unseen photographs of Andy Warhol, which lay forgotten in a filing cabinet for 30 years, are to go on show for the first time in London and New York.

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The photographs were taken in 1981 by The Daily Express photographer Steve Wood, whose friend and fellow photographer David Munns discovered them in 2012.

The photographs came about after a mutual friend, the New York restauranteur Elaine Kaufmann, introduced Warhol to Wood.

Despite reluctance on both sides, Wood agreed to photograph the shy Andy Warhol at the Royal Hotel in Deauville, France.

The images depict the famous pop artist in untypical poses, with a giant sunflower and backpack, or winking with a close-up head shot.

An exhibition of the work, called “Lost then Found”, will go on show in New York this May for ten days, before coming to London as part of a pop-up exhibition at South Place Hotel from 10-12 May.

The exhibition is supported by Interview Magazine, founded by Warhol in 1969. Current editor Christopher Bollen said: “The fascination of these found photographs lies in the fact that just when you think all sides of Andy Warhol have seen and mined, a rare intimate window opens on the legend.

“These photographs reveal a different Warhol than most of us have ever witnessed. It’s a testament to the photographer and an opportunity to re-assess his bearing as one of the most influential artists of the last century.”