Weekly art websites: beautiful art made with office items

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This week's selection of art websites shows you innovative artworks created using commonly found desktop stationery supplies.

Staples - http://www.baptistedebombourg.com/en/works/aggravure-0
Website of French artist Baptiste De Bombourg showing images of his stunning wall drawings. The "drawings" were created using around 35,000 staples.

Post-it notes - http://www.duncan-wilson.com/duncan_wilson_work_pixelnotes.htm
An art project made by artists Duncan Wilson and Sirkka Hammer that utilized Post-it notes to create functional wallpaper.

Coffee cups and stir sticks - http://www.jonathanbrilliant.com/woven_stir_sticks.html
Website of artist Jonathan David Brilliant and his 'coffee shop' installations made using wooden coffee stir sticks, drinking straws and coffee cups.

Hole punch - http://www.notcot.com/archives/2007/08/hole_punched.php
Plymouth university student Steven Nicholson created these self-portraits using ten different sizes of hole punches.

Tape - http://www.tapesculpture.org/gallery.html
A website showcasing a collection of sculptures and artwork all made from tape.