Weekly art websites: concept art

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This week's selection includes five great concept art websites. From sketches of the first ideas for block buster science fiction movies to full-colour drawings of fantasy lands, these websites will give you a glimpse at the world of concept art.

1. Concept Art - http://www.conceptart.org
A website dedicated to concept art with a massive and diverse gallery of concept artworks.

2. Concept Art World - http://conceptartworld.com/
Concept Art World features the art of freelance concept artists and graphic design agencies as well as concept art from block buster movies and video games.

3. Lost concept art from the Matrix - http://coolvibe.com/2009/lost-concept-art-from-the-matrix/
A feature article with lots of images of concept art created for the Matrix.

4. 50 eye-popping examples of concept art - http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/07/50-eye-popping-examples-of-concept-art/
A feature article with 50 incredible examples of great concept art. Images range from scenes of future worlds taken out of a page of a science-fiction novel to compelling examples of worlds created with historic-futuristic fusions.

5. Concept Art House - http://www.conceptarthouse.com/
A graphic design studio dedicated to designing concept art with a large online portfolio. Clients include concept designs for Blizzard/Activision, Dell Computers, Electronic Arts, Inc. LucasArts, and Sony Online Entertainment.