Weekly art websites: graffiti

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This week's selection includes five art websites that feature graffiti.

1. 99 Rooms - http://99rooms.com/99rooms.html
A website that combines graffiti, photography and sound with interactive art. Visitors to the site can engage in the animated game by finding the clues that will let them open up the next room.

2. Street Art Locator - http://www.streetartlocator.com/
Street Art Locator is a website that helps you find graffiti and street art pieces that have been created all over the world. The website links images of the graffiti with their geographic coordinates, plotting them on the map so you can visit the sites when you are in the area.

3. 123klan - http://www.123klan.com/123klan.html
An interactive website with design-based graffiti. Features flash-based games such as "Kill the pony" and interesting examples of graffiti created by the 123Klan.

4. Graffiti Research Lab - http://graffitiresearchlab.com/
A website that combines graffiti with cutting-edge technology research with amazing results.

5. Banksy - http://www.banksy.co.uk/
Home to the works of famous UK-based stencil graffitist and artist, Banksy.