Weekly art websites: origami and paper folding

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This week's selection of art websites includes five websites that show you how to create your own paper art.

1. Happy Folding - http://www.happyfolding.com/
A website dedicated to the art of origami. Everything you need to know about folding paper including video 'how to' origami tutorials, an origami dictionary, folding diagrams, plans that you can print out, a large online origami gallery, and news articles about origami.

2. Won Park - http://orudorumagi11.deviantart.com/gallery/
A gallery of Origami created by artist Won Park. From an Eiffel Tower made out of a five-euro bill to miniature cranes that measure less than 2mm to an entire collection of Star Trek and Star Wars space crafts, this artist has folded almost everything.

3. Robert J. Lang - http://www.langorigami.com/
The personal website of origami artist Robert J. Lang. A place where you can view his sculptural pieces or try your own hand at creating your own Robert J. Lang artwork using his original origami folding instructions.

4. OrigamiTube - http://www.origamitube.com/
A website with hundreds of instructional videos that show you how to create your own paper art.

5. Origami.com - http://www.origami.com/
A comprehensive site about origami with hundreds of downloadable diagrams, an origami gallery and a place to connect with other interested origami makers.