World Cup 2014: If the situation in Brazil could be summed up in a sketch

French artist Pez has drawn attention to the host nation's political tensions

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The World Cup kicks off in Brazil tonight but everyone is celebrating the global tournament.

This striking pencil drawing by French illustrator Pez, real name Pierre Yves Riveau, is one of many artworks to draw attention to the political tensions surrounding this year’s contest.

In his sketch, Brazil’s favelas are seen being crushed by a massive wad of notes, with the trophy labelled ‘Money World Cup’.

World Cup opening ceremony - LIVE

“We are so advanced on techonology but still have people who don’t have food or money to eat,” one Pez fan wrote on his Facebook page.

There have been mass street demonstrations against poverty, corruption and a lack of finances for hospitals, schools and infrastructure. 

Violent clashes with police erupted in Sao Paulo in protest against the expenses incurred by the World Cup when money is so desperately needed elsewhere.

Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito has tapped into the host country’s rage with his mural of a starving child eating a football.

“The truth is there is so much wrong in Brazil that it is difficult to know where to start,” he said. “People have the feeling and that image condenses this feeling.”