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For a crash course in Scottish painting, you could do no better than visit the pictures from the Flemings Collection at the National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. The gallery's major festival show features an impressive array of work by Scottish painters from 1820 to 1920 including Nasmyth, McTaggart, Wilkie, Hunter and Peploe. 3 Aug-24 Sept. (0131-556 8921)

Since the late 1980s, sculptor Bill Woodrow has been making drawings of his three-dimensional work. Now over 20 of these large black-and- white images are displayed for the first time, at Camden Arts Centre. In addition, Woodrow will be creating an original work, drawn directly on to the gallery wall. 4 Aug-1 Oct (0171-435 2643)

A good overview of British abstract sculpture over the past 30 years is provided by a new show at Flowers East, in London. British Abstract Art, Part 2 features works by a diverse group of artists including Caro, Cragg, Deacon, Goldsworthy, Kapoor, Long, Opie, Wentworth and Whiteread. 5 Aug-3 Sept (0181-985 3333)