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Louise Bourgeois

This show of sculptural work gives a good impression of the veteran French artist. Bourgeois traverses the boundaries of the century's major art movements, linking the surreal with the conceptual while always maintaining her unique, individual imprint. If you failed to catch her recent exhibition at Oxford's MoMA, be sure not to miss this one.

To 13 Oct. Arnolfini, Bristol (0117-929 9191)

Helen Chadwick

In tribute to the late artist, a small but neat show of work commissioned a year before her death. Medical specimens are set in artistic contexts, making us question the concept of "ugly" and our whole notion of aesthetics. A poignant suggestion of what might have been, and not for the squeamish.

To 1 Sept. Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh (0131-220 1911)

Edgar Degas

Last chance to see 'Edgar Degas: Beyond Impressionism'. In his later years, Degas withdrew to the semi-dark of his studio because bright light hurt his eyes. But his work is not that of a recluse; it is defiant and youthful, vibrant to the point of incandescence. Don't miss it.

To 26 Aug. National Gallery, Trafalgar Square WC1 (0171-306 0055)