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William Morris

The long-awaited Morris centenary jamboree is finally here and with it your chance to decide whether the late, great Pre-Raphaelite associate and founder of the Arts & Crafts movement was a visionary or simply misguided. A comprehensive survey of his work - wallpaper, furniture, illustration, stained glass - and an exploration of his thoughts on society and politics.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London SW7 (0171-938 8441). Thurs to 1 Sept

Julio Gonzalez

A rare outing for the too-often-neglected 20th-century Spanish sculptor and close friend of Picasso. A good, small commercial exhibition that sets out to chart his 40-year progress from Barcelona to Paris and back again.

Faggionato Fine Arts, London W1 (0171-409 7979). Fri to 11 June

Carl Andre

"The Bricks" is now a byword for all that's wrong, or right, with "modern" art. Sculptor Carl Andre is about a great deal more than a pile of rubble, as this exhibition will no doubt reveal.

Museum of Modern Art, Oxford (01865 722733). To 30 June