Artists' Playground, Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe

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In several large-scale projects on view around England, Richard Woods has shown how he can enliven spaces working in concert with historical buildings or spaces. The dungeon doors of Sudeley Castle, or the floor of a Wesleyan meeting house in Frome, Somerset, look completely different when bedecked in a Woods print.

Woods has taken the wood block as his genre and carved out a distinctive language instantly recognisable as his. It is not pretending to be architecture, nor design, but an amalgamation of space, form and pattern. These works prove he's not "just" a designer with a penchant for floors. Decorative has become a pejorative word, but Woods embraces decoration as a concept. He says his favourite artist is William Morris, and in his work he proves to be a worthy successor.

Artists' Playground, to 30 October (01242 604 357)