The creative social drawing network that aims to make 140 characters look bland

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The Independent Culture is a new social sketchpad that that turns computer-aided drawings into fun, highly shareable artworks for your social networks.

The project has been dubbed "the Twitter of drawing" and is helping aspiring artists infuse their online text-based Twitter and Facebook ramblings with a touch of creativity.

The website was launched on July 28. For the moment the service is fairly rudimentary, with a limited set of color and brush options available to users.

More features are expected to be added to the service in the coming months and there are plans to port the service onto the iPhone and iPad in the near future.

The company will have to innovate quickly to catch up with a blossoming field of social drawing startups  that includes animated and collaborative drawing platform QueekyPaint, time-lapse collaborative iPad app Social Drawing, social drawing community DoodleWall, and live drawing and online art community RateMyDrawings.