Weekly art websites: art made using Twitter

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This week's selection of art websites shows you how artists are using social networking site Twitter to create unique artworks.

Portwiture - http://portwiture.com/
A Twitter-Flickr mashup that matches your most commonly tweeted words with images from Flickr.

TwitterPicture2 by Johanna Basford - http://www.johannabasford.com/twitterpicture
This hand-drawn pencil and ink "interactive illustration" (the second of its kind) was created on March 16, 2010 in 24 hours, using inspiration from 266 tweets, with 6000 viewers watching the creation process online.

HTML5 Canvas Experiment by Sebastian Deutsch - http://9elements.com/io/?p=153
This HTML5 artwork sources 100 tweets related to HTML5 and combines them to make an abstract artwork. Each particle in the artwork represents one tweet (which can be viewed if you click on the particle).

TimeTweets - http://www.timetweets.com/
Another site that uses Twitter APIs to create a unique Twitter clock. The digital clock is comprised of tweets containing numbers. Individual tweets containing numbers for the hour, minute and seconds flick up on the screen to show the current time.

Twistori by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs - http://twistori.com
A website that compiles tweets with the words love, hate, think, believe, feel or wish in them and presents a real-time, global feed of people's feelings.

Robots don't know anything about Twitter by Doctor Popular - http://www.docpop.org/2008/10/23/robots-dont-know-anything-about-twitter.html
A comic book created in 24 hours based on comic ideas suggested by Twitter users.

Polatweet - http://twitter.com/polatweet
A Twitter-based artwork that highlights one Polaroid image that was taken on the day every day for 365 days.

The longest poem in the world by Andrei Gheorghe - http://www.longestpoemintheworld.com/
A poem composed of real-time Twitter updates. The tweets are aggregated from public updates and those that rhyme are selected to form part of the almost 1 million verses.