Weekly art websites: barcode art

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This week's selection of websites show how barcodes can be more than just black and white lines on the outside of your products.

Scott Blake - http://www.barcodeart.com/
Scott Blake is perhaps the most well-known barcode artist. His large portraits of famous people are made up of hundreds of scan-able barcodes - each of which links to some aspect of the represented person's life. His website also lets you create your own personalized barcode.

Barcode Plantage - http://www.barcode-plantage.com/index.htm
Barcode Plantage is an online artwork that "transforms a simple product bar code into a unique tree in the garden of globalisation." More simply put, the web app translates the barcode into an image and sound that visually and audibly represent the manufacturer and the country of origin of the product.

Art. Lebedev Studio Posters - http://www.artlebedev.com/posters/
The creative team at Art. Lebedev Studio has taken a plethora of iconic images and transformed them into their own works of art by subtly hiding their barcode logo within each of them.

Design Barcode - http://www.d-barcode.com/
Japanese company Design Barcode aka D-Barcode decorates Japanese products with barcode art. The company transforms the black and white lines of a barcode into a decorative design, putting more art into packaging.

Vanity Barcodes - http://www.vanitybarcodes.com/
On a similar vein, Vanity Barcodes is a design company changing up the look of boring old barcodes.

JetCityOrange - http://www.jetcityorange.com/barcodes/art/
A collection of barcode art and barcode graffiti from around the world collected by American blogger Jerry Whiting.