Weekly art websites: fashion walks hand in hand with art

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Fashion gets a makeover when artists sit behind the creative wheel. This selection of websites highlights some fashion and art websites you might not have stumbled upon before.

Fashion Art Expression - http://www.fashionartexpression.com/
Fashion Art Expression is a blog about the merging culture of fashion, art and creation.

Fashion Served - http://www.fashionserved.com/
Served is a website that sources and filters the freshest work from Behance Network's community of artists, fashion designers, industrial designers and photographers.

Inspire the Starling - http://inspirethestarling.blogspot.com/
A blog about fashion and art written by a young fashion designer based in London.

ArtsHunt: Fashion - http://www.artshunt.com/category/fashion/
ArtsHunt is a portal for finding "inspirational art" made by digital artists. Images are submitted by users and shared amongst the ArtsHunt community.

Charlie Le Mindu - http://www.charlielemindu.com
While not strictly fashion, Charlie Le Mindu is the artist and celebrity hairdresser behind some of the outrageously arty looks walking down the catwalk. His hair-creations have also been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Peaches and Veruschka.

Lok Jansen: Lookbooks for Prada - http://www.lokjansen.com/Lok_Jansen/Prada_Main.html
Lok Jansen is an artist and illustrator living in Japan. Jansen calls on his skills as an artist to create and enhance striking images for Prada's Lookbooks.

Onward Kashiyama's Couleurs by Jean-Gabriel Causse - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TheS1fnpnZ8
http://crosset.onward.co.jp/news/feature/couleurs/ A Japanese clothing label that uses paintings created by Van Gogh as inspiration for their clothing color palette.