Weekly art websites: maps to help you discover art around the globe

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Traveling to a new city and want to find some local street art or looking for hidden works of art in your local region? These maps will help you discover what's on show in the streets in cities around the world.

Street Art View - http://www.streetartview.com/
Following in the footsteps of Google's Art Project, Red Bull is putting street art from all around the world on the map. This collaborative project asks users to tag their favorite works of art as seen on Google Street View for a virtual tour of the world's street art.  

Soundwalk - http://www.soundwalk.com/#/TOURS/
While not strictly limited to street art, Soundwalk's audio tours help you to discover hidden gems in cities all over the world. From a graffiti tour of NYC's Bronx to Chanel's mobile art tour, switch your MP3 player or mobile phone on and let famous artists, actors and musicians take you on a tour of their city.

Big Art Mob - http://www.bigartmob.com/
The UK's Channel 4 is helping people put art on the map by sending photos of street art to the website from their mobile phone. The result is a map that is populated with location-tagged photos of street art, public artworks, sculptures and graffiti.  

NYC Arts Map - http://www.nyc-arts.org/map/index/borough/all
A map of art institutions, galleries, local events and exhibitions in the greater New York City region.

SF Street Art Map - SF Street Art Map
This open-source map is still in its infancy but its user-submitted list of street art is growing every day. Highlights include the Haight Street Murals and graffiti by Banksy.