Weekly art websites: microscopic art

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You'll need your magnifying glass to appreciate this week's selection of websites, all of which draw attention to the beauty in tiny objects.

Willard Wigan - http://www.willard-wigan.com/
British artist Willard Wigan creates artworks so small you can't even see them with the naked eye. Caught in the eye of a needle or on the tip of a pin head, his micro-sculptures are often referred to as "the eighth wonder of the world."

Mykola Syadristy - http://microart.kiev.ua/en/lastivki.html
The term "microminiatures" was coined to describe the microscopic work of Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristy (also known as Nikolai Syadristy). His sculptures are hand-carved into materials such as a poppy seed, an apple seed, a thorn, a hair, a sugar grain and gold.

Dalton Ghetti - http://kronikle.kidrobot.com/pencil-tip-micro-sculptures-by-dalton-ghetti/
Brazilian-born artist Dalton Ghetti uses a needle tip and a razor blade to painstakingly sculpt the tips of pencils into amazingly detailed (and tiny) works of art.

Hagop Sandaldjian - http://www.mjt.org/exhibits/hagop/hagop2.html
Egyptian-born artist Hagop Sandaldjian uses a microscope to complete his tiny works of art. Sandaldjian has even created his own art tools such as sharpened needles tipped with diamond dust and a brush made from a single strand of hair.

Gary Greenberg - http://www.sandgrains.com/gallery.html
Scientist and artist Gary Greenberg reveals the beautiful yet mostly unseen "miracles of nature" by photographing common objects (like grains of sand, flowers, body tissue and food) through a microscope.