Weekly art websites: Paintings so real-looking you won’t believe they weren’t taken with a camera

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This week's selection of websites features young artists with an eye for hyperrealism. These artists are masters of creating images that look so real you won't believe they were painted.

Alyssa Monks - http://www.alyssamonks.com/port.asp
US-based artist Alyssa Monks uses filters such as glass, shadows or water to distort the human form and to create a playful tension between realism and abstraction.

Roberto Bernadi - http://www.robertobernardi.com/
Supermarket aisles, kitchen sinks cluttered with pots and pans, produce and vending machines are just some of the subjects Italian-born artist Roberto Bernadi chooses to depict in his realistic paintings.

Diego Gravinese - http://www.diegogravinese.com/site/paintings/
Argentinean artist Diego Gravinese's paintings embody moments that look like they were stolen from a 20-something-year-old's digital photo album; they are full of life, humor, and awkward events - captured just at the right moment.

Painting of Tica by Dru Blair - http://www.drublair.com/comersus/store/tica.asp
A website that shows the various stages needed to complete a photo-realistic painting using airbrush.

Simon Hennessey - http://www.simonhennessey.co.uk/gallery_6.html
Simon Hennessey is a hyperrealist painter that creates "false illusions that are judged as our own reality."

Gregory Thielker - http://www.gregorythielker.com/underimages/under.html
Using the road as his backdrop, Gregory Thielker makes you focus on what you might see out of your car's windscreen on a rainy, stormy or foggy day.

Brendan Lott - http://www.abdelnnortt.com/index.html
Brendan Lott provides viewers with a glimpse into everyday life with his photo-realistic paintings, from intimate moments between a mother and a baby to kids pulling crazy faces.