Weekly art websites: pixel art

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This week's selection of websites helps you discover amazing works of art using pixels and shows you where to go to learn how to create your own pixel artworks.

Eboy - http://hello.eboy.com/eboy/
Perhaps one of the most recognizable and well publicized pixel art groups today, Eboy (comprised of German artists Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital), has created work for the likes of Adidas, Amazon, Coca-Cola, DKNY, Google, Microsoft, Nike, and Wired magazine.

Invader - http://www.space-invaders.com/
If you have ever seen pixelated Space Invader mosaic tiles cemented to a wall, it is more than likely the work of the French street artist going by the alias “Invader.” His recent artworks employ hundreds of Rubik's Cubes to create intricate pixelated artworks.

Army of Trolls - http://www.armyoftrolls.co.uk/
Gary J Lucken is a pixel artist based in the UK whose artwork has been used by clients such as the BBC, Disney, Sony, Yahoo and GQ.

Goon Tower - http://www.goontower.com/
Goon Tower is a virtual pixel art tower. Each level has been created by users from the SomethingAwful.com website.

3D map of Hong Kong - http://hongkong.edushi.com/?l=en
Looking for a different way to explore Hong Kong? This three-dimensional map of the city has been created using pixels.

Tuukka Savolainen - http://www.polyfonken.com/
Tuukka Savolainen aka Polyfonken aka Ghost Monkey is a graphic, games and concept designer from Finland with some fantastic pixel artworks up his sleeve.

Pixelstitch - http://www.pixelstitch.net/
Pixelstich is a collaborative project that fuses cross-stitching with pixel graphics. Designs pictured on the website have been submitted by designers, pixel artists or members of the public.  

Pixel Joint - http://www.pixeljoint.com/pixels/new_icons.asp
Pixel Joint is an art community dedicated to pixel art. Members can submit artwork to a public gallery or find people to collaborate with in the forums.

Pixel Art Tutorial
- http://www.natomic.com/hosted/marks/mpat/
A website that will show you the tools you need and some general pixel art skills to help you create your own works of art.

Isometric Pixel Art Tutorial - http://www.biorust.com/tutorials/detail/247/en/
An intensive tutorial that will guide you from the basics of pixel art through to advanced isometric pixel art techniques.