Weekly art websites: recycled waste transforms into designer furniture

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Artists have long been known for their ability to take unwanted objects and turn them into desirable objects. This week's selection of websites showcases how artists, architects and product designers are transforming your waste into usable artworks and lounge room furniture.

Nick Demarco - http://www.demarconia.com/
Nick Demarco's recycled artworks range from a blow-up chair filled with rubbish to a table made out of plastic coat hangers to an iPhone holder made out of a stuffed cat toy.

Castor Design - http://www.castordesign.ca/
The Castor Design firm reuses burnt out light bulbs to create aesthetically pleasing (and fully functional) light sculptures.

Ryan Frank - http://www.ryanfrank.net/
Ryan Frank is a South African born furniture designer who creates "free-range furniture" from recycled and sustainable materials.

Karton Art Design - http://www.kartonart.eu/
Furniture designer Andras Balogh creates eco-friendly cardboard furniture that is both highly functional and good for the environment.

Reestore - http://www.reestore.com/
The Reestore takes everyday waste and refashions it into desks, chairs, tables and lounge chairs, favorites of which include the shopping trolley chair and the aeroplane wing desk.

Foldschool - http://www.foldschool.com/
If you want to have a go at creating your own recycled furniture, Foldschool provides a collection of free cardboard furniture patterns ready for you to download and start creating.