Weekly art websites: sickly sweet art made with candy

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Get a taste for art with this sickly sweet selection of confectionery art websites.

Gum Blondes - http://www.gumblondes.com
Canadian artist Jason Kronenwald has a team of bubble-gum chewers to help him create these images of celebrity portraits and beautiful women entirely out of pre-chewed gum.

Brendan Jamison: sugar cube sculptures - http://www.brendanjamison.com/
Irish artist Brendan Jamison creates large-scale sculptures out of cubes of sugar.

Bompas & Parr - http://www.jellymongers.co.uk/templates/about_about2.html
Bompas & Parr fuse the line between food, art and architecture. Their jelly sculptures have ranged from glow-in-the-dark funeral installations to wedding jelly cakes.

Chicago School of mold making: Chefs Gallery - http://www.chicagomoldschool.com/ChefsGallery.html
This website provides a gallery of some of the most beautiful pieces of edible showpiece construction.

Rock Made - http://www.rockmade.com/
New York-based artists Rebecca Odes and Craig Kanarick photograph candies in all their colorful glory for a living.

Minimiam - http://www.minimiam.com
Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle use tiny characters and food photography to create interesting worlds of miniature yummy-ness.

Jelly Belly - http://www.jellybelly-uk.com/fun-stuff/bean-art/
Jelly Belly jelly beans company has a gallery of commissioned artworks that have been created using their colorful jelly beans.

Jason Mecier - http://www.jasonmecier.com/title.html
Jason Mecier creates hand-crafted mosaics with candy, gum, food, beans and anything else he can find.

Vik Muniz: pictures with sugar and chocolate - http://www.vikmuniz.net
Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz creates artwork out of any medium he can put his hands on. His photographs of portraits created with sugar or chocolate are sickly sweet.