Weekly art websites: weird Japanese art

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Week's selection of art websites highlights a unique selection of weird and wonderful Japanese art trends and artworks.

Chindogu - http://chindogu.com/chindogu/
Chindogu - or the art of inventing wonderful but "unuseless" gadgets for everyday life - is a Japanese phenomenon that has been popularized in the rest of the world.

Cosplay - http://www.cosplay.com/
The art of using costumes and accessories to dress up like your favorite manga, videogame, book or movie character.

Sushi or Death - http://www.sushiordeath.com/nama/sushi-art/
A website dedicated to the art of sushi. The traditional Japanese food is explored in all its artforms - from Issey Miyaki-Sushi made out of pleated fashion to a recreation of Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower paintings made using raw fish to very cute nori maki made in the shape of little pandas.

Japanese Garden Art - http://www.golberz.com/2010/02/amazing-japanese-garden-art.html
Three-dimensional garden sculptures created with flowers, shrubs and plants.

Creative Bento Boxes - http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2009/05/08/17-amazing-bento-food-art-creations/
These lunchboxes have used food placement to turn everyday foods into edible artworks.

Stereoscopic nail art - http://hubpages.com/hub/Japanese-Nail-Art
Japanese beauticians have turned into artists, creating three-dimensional artworks on the tips of their client's fingers.

Samurai Star Wars STEVE BIALIK - http://stevapalooza.blogspot.com/
Cartoonist Steve Bialik recreated Star Wars characters using influences from traditional Japanese art.