Weekly art websites: when graffiti is not graffiti

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This week's selection of websites takes a closer look at artists using materials other than spray paint to create graffiti.

Aakash Nihalani - http://www.aakashnihalani.com/
Aakash Nihalani is an artist that uses tape to create playful graphics and isometric rectangles in selected streetscapes across New York City.

Symbollix - http://symbollix.com/
Symbollix is a collective of artists turning the idea of graffiti on its head. Instead of spray painting on the walls, the artists remove dirt and grime to create stunning visual images.

Braille Graffiti - http://www.39forks.com/39pages/projects/BrailleGraffiti/BrailleGraffiti.htm
American artist Scott Wayne Indiana investigated ways in which blind people could chance upon "blind graffiti" - sensory messages specially created to be read with your hands - as they explored city streets.

Audio Bombing - http://audiobombing.blogspot.com/
A blog dedicated to the art of "audio bombing," described as "an alternative form of graffiti which uses magnetic audio tape as its medium."

Buff Diss - http://buffdiss.com/
Buff Diss is an Australian artist based in Melbourne renowned for his complex masking tape graffiti.

Tagged in Motion - http://www.jvm.com/en/ideas/#/16_112/jung-von-matt-tagged-in-motion/
A project by German advertising agency Jung von Matt that uses augmented reality to create virtual 3D graffiti in the air.

Moneyless - http://graffuturism.com/2010/06/01/artist-feature-moneyless/
Italian artist Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless uses pieces of string to create geometrical graffiti on public walls and abandoned spaces.

Zedz - http://www.zedz.org/
Zedz is a graffiti artist that blends graffiti, typography and 3D geometry into his artworks. He often juxtaposes or integrates graphic 3D forms with his two dimensional spray paintings.

Michael Bosanko - http://www.michaelbosanko.com/gallery.html
Photographer and artist Michael Bosanko uses long exposure photography to capture luminescent light sculptures and light graffiti.