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1 What kind of girl links Kingsley Amis in 1960 with Edwyn Collins in 1994?

2 What kind of girl was Naked Under Leather?

3 Which girl did Hartmann fall in love with while visiting Janvilliers?

4 Which girl owned the Polka Saloon and cheated at poker with Sheriff Jack Rance?

5 How, in 1970, did Goldie Hawn disrupt Peter Sellers's meal?

6 "Who is Karin, of no past, so vibrant, so beautiful? And what is to become of Alan Desland, the unworldly Englishman who falls under her spell? This is the haunted story of Alan's love for a woman beautiful and voluptuous beyond experience or even imagination; yet at the same time mysterious and disturbing as a pagan goddess ... The new best-seller from the author of Watership Down and The Plague Dogs." What is being hyped?


1 A girl like you - Amis's novel Take a Girl Like You and Collins's sleeper hit, "A Girl Like You". 2 The Girl on a Motorcycle (Naked Under Leather being the alternative title of the 1968 Marianne Faithfull vehicle). 3 The Girl at the Lion d'Or, in the novel by Sebastian Faulks. 4 The Girl of the Golden West (La Fanciulla del West) in Puccini's opera. 5 By being a girl in his soup (in the film There's a Girl in My Soup). 6 The Girl in a Swing, Richard Adams's best-forgotten 1980 romance.