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FIRST there was Madonna's project for a motion picture on Georgia O'Keeffe. Then we heard rumours that Michelle Pfeiffer was to star as Frida Kahlo. Now the real art blockbuster hits Tinseltown as plans progress for a biopic of Jackson Pollock. In a case of raging bull meets funny lady, Jack the Dripper is to be played by Robert de Niro, with Barbra Streisand cast in the role of his wife, Lee Krasner. Perhaps now is the time for the British art world to propose its own movie offering. We suggest a drama covering the last three decades with Rosanna Arquette as Elisabeth Frink, Alexei Sayle as Francis Bacon and Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson as Gilbert and George. Further castings suggestions from readers are welcomed.

READERS who enjoy art on a daily basis will welcome a new diary published by London Lighthouse. Sold in support of the Aids charity, the diary ( pounds 19.95) features works by 52 of Britain's leading artists, from Art & Language to Adrian Wiszniewski. What better way to start the week?