ARTS / Competition winners: Truffaut and Projections

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ON 13 FEB we ran a competition to win 20 sets of four Truffaut videos, courtesy of Artificial Eye (usually pounds 15.99 per film). We asked you to name the Spielberg blockbuster in which Truffaut acted a leading role. The answer, of course, was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We had a huge response, but the first 20 names out of the hat were: R J Bryant, Exeter; John Lynch, Uckfield; David Williams, Gwent; S Allanson, Liverpool; Jane Rees, Dyfed; K Armstrong, Hawick; James P Jackson, Knowsley; Joan Stevens, Thames Ditton; Jennifer Leggett, London E17; Martin Dawber, Birkdale; J Halton, Stockport; Christian Captieux, Sheffield;

T Spencer, London N22; Stephen Branley, London NW9; Isobel Jones, Helsby; C Harz, London NW3; P C Wellesley, Bewdley; Roger Houghton, Bath; Stephanie Perrin, Sutton; and Carol McGrath, Launton.

IN THE same issue, we also offered readers the chance to win copies of Projections 3: Film-makers on Film-making ( pounds 9.99), Faber & Faber's latest annual of film writing. We asked readers to name the director of Lawrence Kasdan's Continental Divide. The answer was Michael Apted. The winners are: Jean Merson, Glasgow; Peter Walsh, Bradford; Roger Dean, Broad Hinton; Steve Adams, Fleet; Gethin Thomas, Cardiff; D Taylor, Cambridge; Alan Ireland, London NW1; J Mottram, London W10; Colin Jarman, London N22; Paul Osborne, Congresbury; E A Billinger, Leamington Spa; Bernard Gallagher, Hove; J Flannery, Fleetwood; Lorraine Herne, Kingsbury; Tim Wesson, Marlow; A Carter, Leicester; Michael Murphy, London W2; Martin Keady, Stratford- upon-Avon; Paul Tankard, South Gosforth; and F Aston, Albrighton.