Arts: EDINBURGH FESTIVAL '99: Fringe: Children's Theatre

Fru-Fru Wireworks
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Wireworks, Venue 119 (0131-226 2428), 2pm, to 22 Aug

It's pleasing to see children's theatre that's more about stirring the imagination than applauding the performers. No gags, no pressure to join in and no entrance fee. Just a gentle and very charming meander through the imagination of a little girl. "My Umbrella Can Turn Into a Balloon" is one of many children's tales told by Slovenia's leading puppet theatre, . As a little girl searches for her lost ball she quickly discovers her umbrella is a balloon too - and together they can fly.

The set is incredibly simple and appealing - a sort of wooden box with windows that change from being the sea to the city or a meadow. With everything cheerful, it's a great half-hour, whether you're four or forty.