Arts: EDINBURGH FESTIVAL '99: Fringe: Pick of the Day

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l Do You Come Here Often?

The Observer Assembly, Venue 3, 6.30pm, pounds 8 The boys are back in town. The Right Size's sublimely silly, spectacularly funny show was "too theatrical to be for the Perrier" (Hah!)back in 1997, but it won everyone's hearts, and even the great Joan Collins handed them an Olivier award for their West End run. Catch them now before they go off to storm America.

l Michael Smiley: The Parting Glass

The Assembly Drawing Room, Venue 3, 5pm, pounds 7.50 - pounds 8.50 If you're expecting to see the wild Smiley who storms the stand-up circuit, then think again. This show follows a confused man, left behind at a wake, who is trying to make sense of his life. Smiley acts beautifully, drawing you into his world with all his heart and soul, leaving you enchanted by his performance.

l Terry Alderton

The Assembly Rooms, Venue 3, 10pm, pounds 9 - pounds 10 Terry Alderton's vocal and physical dexterity is phenomenal. No stuffy Rory Bremner impressions here - instead there's Harry Hill, Prince Nasseem, Jerry Springer audiences and stoned dolphins. He's a superb performer and the audience gets every penny's worth. The more palatable side of mainstream; see him before he's on television every day.

l The Exhibitionists

The Pleasance, Venue 33, 10.45am, pounds 6 Four uniformed men check your bag before serving you coffee. It's a refreshing beginning to an original and surreal look at a modern art gallery. The bored attendants enliven their existence with a series of hilarious antics, running amok until you fear for their safety - and what they do with underpants is indescribable. Joyfully barking.

l Rushmore

ABC1, Lothian Road, 6pm

Max Fischer (Jason Scwartzmann) is supremely self-confident. He's an actor and a visionary and he runs every club in the school. But his world is turned upside down when he falls for a schoolteacher (Olivia Williams), who in turn is won over by the wounded charm of Herman Blume (Bill Murray). Beguiling and beautifully shot, Wes Anderson's latest film is a true delight.