Arts Edinburgh Festival: Campaign tactics

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Take these tips from other old hands on

making the best of the Edinburgh Festival:

Arthur Smith,

comedian and writer

Don't eat anything except cheese rolls brought from strange men in the Pleasance courtyard. Book into a monastery one night a week. Take yoghurt in the event of thrush.

Adam Bloom,


I survive by talking about myself and going to see loads of shows and not drinking alcohol as a way to go to sleep. You can have fun without being pissed. Dive in head first and go with it.

Dr Haze,

Ringmaster, Circus of Horrors

Last time we were in Edinburgh we went for the drink option. Also,

I can gouge out people's hearts during the show, and that gives me


Dave Gorman, `Mrs Merton' writer,


Last year I was permamently tipsy, so I never got a hangover. I am not recommending it as a lifestyle choice. But I don't see any other option when you're here.