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Fittings - The Final Freakshow

The Pleasance, Venue 33 5.30pm & 7pm, pounds 5-pounds 6 A freakshow on the Fringe? Time for a crackdown by the thought police, surely? Not in the hands of Graeae, it's not. Jenny Sealey directs the company in a dangerously funny, powerfully confrontational show which is packed with taboo-busting attitude about the body beautiful. There's not a sanctimonious sentiment in sight.

The Best of Kit and the Widow

The Observer Assembly, Venue 3 8.30pm, pounds 9.50 This is no tired K-Tel Greatest Hits compilation. Buoyant Kit and his deeply sceptical Widow display their (cabaret) jewels with more polish than a nest of tables. They're very funny on virtual sex - "Goodbye gerbil, hello mouse" - cosmetic surgery and the more unlikely comic possibilities offered by Robin Cook and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Komedia@Southside, Venue 82 3.35pm, pounds 8 Whoredom leads us through the back streets of 16th-century London, giving the lowdown on who's who. The script is earthy, humorous and rumbustiously ribald, while the action is fast and the cast energetic. Yet there are more serious issues within its comical framework, addressing the hypocrisy of the Church and different perceptions of the role of women in society.

2,000 Years Down the Drain: from Jesus Christ to Jerry Springer

Gilded Balloon II, Venue 36 8.30pm, pounds 9 The show is as snappy as the name. Improvisation is the order of the day and the cast reach into the audience for suggestions which they then convert to songs at the drop of a hat. On the ball and perceptive, this show comes to the (obvious) conclusion that Jerry Springer is the new Jesus Christ for the millennium.

The Comedy Zone

Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Venue 33 11.05pm, pounds 8-pounds 9 Dan Antopolski, Tony Law and Lucy Porter do a turn each as Rob Rouse comperes at this thriving late-night comedy-club venue. Rouse's cartoon face and cheeky schoolboy banter allow him to get away with murder, but the highlight of the night is Antopolski, whose breathtaking stage presence makes even his having his pants on his head seem hilariously poetic.