Arts & Entertainment: top in 2008


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The top ten was book-ended by your taste for physical comedy, with photographs from the weird world of bodybuilding and the virtuoso's trip that destroyed a priceless Stradivarius.

Your taste for unmasking also shone through - either the allegations that Coldplay plagiarised one of their hits, or the apparent revelation of Banksy's true identity. And you proved to be not bad artists yourselves as your low-tech photo gallery proved.

The love of the red carpet was also apparent, whether it's Daniel Craig at a Bond premier or the glamour of the Oscars. But you needed some guidance too - either in chossing the best DVD boxsets or the 10 best thrillers.

The most read arts and entertainment stories 2008

  1. Bodyworks - photographs from the weird world of bodybuilding
  2. The song they didn't write - Coldplay are accused of plagiarism by American band
  3. The best 10 DVD box sets
  4. Injured Craig impresses at Bond premiere
  5. Life through a low-tech lens
  6. Has Banky's real identity been discovered at last?
  7. Glamour galore from the Oscars red carpet
  8. The 10 best thrllers
  9. Virtuoso trip destroys priceless Stradivarius