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An extra dimension will be added next week to the National Gallery's current showing of Manet's various paintings of the Execution of the Emperor Maximilian with free screenings of Juarez, the 1938 film of the calamitous French adventure in Mexico. Brian Aherne portrays the ill-fated Emperor, Bette Davis his Empress and Paul Muni (pictured centre) the scheming Juarez. National Gallery, Trafalgar Sq, WC2. Mon 7 Sept 1pm; 8-11 Sept 2.30; free.

Is there no end to the recession in art? The latest casualty is modern British dealer David Messum, who has closed his lavish George Street Gallery and turned off the famous fountain in the basement. Seventies Victorian boom maestro Christopher Wood is also shutting up shop in Motcomb Street. However, while the dealers wear long faces, the talk among the older artists at private views is that these hard times will weed out the 'dross' of contemporary art and restore 'genuine' values. What can they mean?

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We would like to apologise for the false impression given in our column of 1 September that the Christopher Wood Gallery had 'shut up shop'. It has, in fact, moved to larger premises at Mallett in Bond Street. Forthcoming shows include an exhibition of watercolours in November entitled European Excursions, in association with Lady Abdy, and a December exhibition of pictures by J S Goodall.