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I don't go to see films . . . Generally speaking, to get a full house films have to have something blue in them - Ian Paisley, Democratic Unionist MP, Guardian

I'm really sorry, you guys - Courtney Love, widow of Kurt Cobain, to fans grieving outside their Seattle home

She's the only artist I know of in my 43 years of dealing with artists who has managed to alienate practically everyone in every single place where she's ever been - Schuyler Chapin, New York's commissioner of cultural affairs, on Kathleen Battle, the soprano recently dismissed by the Metropolitan Opera, Vanity Fair

I was getting close to the funny farm when I finally got off the treadmill - Bernard Levin, on being a theatre critic, Times

As a ballad-singer it frightened me to death. Professionally, it killed me stone dead - Jimmy Young on 'Rock Around the Clock', Guardian