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There is a substantial body of theatregoers who are starved of what they want to go and see, namely the work of the tried and tested, good / great writer who has proved himself over two generations, can be relied upon not to say f*** in the middle of a speech, can tell a good story and offer strong roles.

Tom Stoppard, playwright, on what the public wants, Times Artists are fragile, they need looking after. Many lead tragic, lonely lives.

Malcolm McLaren, pop impresario, European

By the end of the show you'd have blacks and whites dancing in the aisles together. That's what Motown music did.

Martha Reeves, singer, on 1960s tours of the segregated Deep South, Telegraph Lots of 'Have at you' and 'Ha]' I had food-poisoning at the time, so 'Ha]' was a bit risky.

Timothy Spall, actor, on playing Porthos in a new radio adaptation of The Three Musketeers, Radio Times

The criteria for casting on Home and Away is age first, looks second and talent last.

Lisa Lackey, former star of Australian soaps, Mirror